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Any quantity.  Any event.  Millions of options!


Traditional trophies

When someone thinks of a trophy, this is likely what they picture.  Colorful columns on a marble or wooden base with a shiny gold topper.

Options galore!  Traditional trophies can be as simple as a base with a topper or they can be as complicated as a multi-tiered piece with several columns per level, various embellishments, and tall enough that you need to make special arrangements to transport them.  We can do all of the above. 

What makes our traditional trophies special? 

  • Custom Columns: Not only can we provide columns in virtually every color, but we also have the ability to print our own custom columns!  Need a pink column wrapped in lime green barbed wire?  You won’t find that anywhere but Mahoning Valley Awards.
  • Real marble: Most companies now use plastic bases.  We do not.  Not only do we think that a trophy should feel substantial, light plastic bases do not provide the support necessary to keep a tall trophy upright.  Marble bases mean less broken toppers. 
  • Limitless text: Nameplates are included in the price of every trophy.  We don’t charge by the letter, the word, or the line.  As long as it fits, we will print it.


Resin trophies

Typically silver or gold colored, resin trophies are sculpted statues that come in a variety of sizes with an integrated base for a nameplate. We offer everything from cute character designs for the little ones, to large finely detailed pieces more suited for corporate awards.  


Trophy cups are another classic piece that will never go out of style.  We offer both plastic and metal cups in designs that range from traditional to modern, and everything in between.  Cups can be incorporated into traditional trophies or stand alone on a wooden or marble base.

Acrylic and crystal

Acrylic and crystal sculptures are very popular for corporate awards, mainly because they are so customizable, allowing the use of abstract designs for awards categories that are not typically used or readily available.

Tear Drop Glass Trophy Crystal star column awards Soccer Ball Crystal Star on crystal column

Insert holders

Each of our trophies comes with the option to add a custom printed insert.  Bocce tournament, family barbecues, ugly sweater contests…no problem!  We can design anything you can dream up and attach it to the award of your choice!  This gives us the ability to truly customize an award to fit your needs!

Cup with insert Resin insert holder trophy 


See something you like elsewhere? We use the same suppliers! We can get it for you too!

It would be impossible to list all the options on our site. What we can do is take you right to the source! Below is a link to one of our supplier catalogs. Feel free to take a look, find something you like, and then either give us a call or send us an email to discuss.

You will need a PDF Viewer to view this catalog. You can get Adobe Reader for free here.  Please be advised, this is a large file so it may take a couple minutes.

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