Mar 12

Who do you think you are?

We have had a lot of people ask us recently...”Where did Mahoning Valley Awards come from?”Dance Wave Plaque

It is true, we are the new kids on the block (not to be confused with the boy band…we will be around longer than they were).  That doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing.

In February of this year, my wife, Danielle, and I took over Santor Awards.  Santor Awards had served the area since 1974 delivering quality trophies and awards at prices that couldn’t be beat.  Ed Santor continues to mentor us and teach us the trade and will do so for the foreseeable future.

When starting down this path, we had several goals in mind.

1. Customers of the former Santor Awards need to feel that they are in good hands.  Ed has developed a very loyal following and we want to ensure that the same quality product carries over into this new era.

2. Take the techniques that Santor Awards utilized and build upon them giving customers new options when it comes to the customization of the products.  We don’t just think outside the box, we live outside the box!  ribbons

3. Most importantly!  Give the best customer service that a person could ask for.  We may say we are open 9am-7pm, but there is a good chance that if you call us at 10pm, we are going to answer the phone.  If you send us an email, expect it answered within 30 minutes (unless we are asleep…you really don’t want me answering your email while I’m sleeping…it isn’t pretty).  We know how hectic things can be when it comes to award banquets, competitions, special events, etc…  Sometimes you need a few extra last minute trophies or a quick replacement for a topper that didn’t like hitting the pavement.  We are going to be here for you and we will do everything in our power to help you through those tough spots.

Everybody is new once.  You may not have known who we were a month ago, but you have heard of us now.  Give us a call and lets make something shiny!





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