Nov 20

Let me answer that for you…

When it comes to awards, the vast number of options can be mind boggling. We couldn’t possibly even come close to portraying all of those options on our website. Of course with those options come many questions. Here are some of the ones we get on a daily basis…

I just need one trophy for an event. Can you do that?
Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you need one item or 400. We have you covered.


Do you do engraving?
Not if we can help it. Engraving is no longer the industry standard. 99.9% of what we do is printed. Why is that? Engraving is time consuming and very limited. Typically engraving is billed by the letter. That gets expensive. By printing our work, we are able to add color, shadows, embellishments, photos, logos, etc…


Try engraving this…


Do you charge a setup fee?
No. 🙂


How far in advance should we order?
That is going to depend on quantity, specific requirements, and time of year. You need a last minute trophy for a company picnic? Give us a call and we will get something put together. You need 30 custom designed plaques at the end of Little League season? You might want to give us some time on that one.


We ordered from ‘XYZ Competitor’ last year. Are you able to provide us with the same trophies?
Often we can. Especially if you ordered locally. Some online vendors manufacture their own parts. Although we can’t always match their items exactly, we can usually put together something even better for the same or an even lower price.


I ordered trophies online and several of them had typos. Can you fix them?
We sure can. This happens all the time. Give us a call and we can get some replacement nameplates sorted out for you.


I’m tired of the same old trophies year after year. Can you make us something unique?
Unique is our specialty. Ask about our printed columns!



Lime green barbed wire anyone?

What are your hours?
Just call…we will answer. It can often be a pain to try to work around a trophy shop’s sporadic hours. We will do our best to work around your schedule.


Did your question not make the list? Give us a call!   330-793-6760

In the past year we have made thousands of trophies, hundreds of plaques, and just as many medals. This year, we want to make yours.


This is what we see when we close our eyes at night.