Mar 26

HorrorHound Weekend Recap

So how was HorrorHound Weekend?  Eh….you know….AMAZING!!!

Such a good time, and a lot of new friends!  Our table was a hit!  Especially the iPhone cases.  Daryl Dixon himself, the one and only Norman Reedus, saw one of our brand new angel wing cases when one of our customers was taking a picture with him.  He loved it and had to have one!  Those will be available on our site very soon.

Another hot item was our custom iPhone cases.  You just stood in line for 6 hours to see your favorite celebrity.  You are going to want to show off that photo every chance you get!  Why not use it to protect that other prized possession?  Your smartphone!


We had one heck of a group of The Walking Dead costumers.  We were able to snag a photo op with all seven of the cast members in attendance.  It was an incredible experience and was the source of one of the most amazing photos ever to be taken!  It was begging to be put on metal.  Our new photo plaques take these professional shots to a whole new level!

This certainly won’t be the last time you see us on the convention circuit.  If all goes well, we will be announcing some new shows very soon.  We got our feet wet at HorrorHound and we are kicking around a few ideas to really take things up a notch.  Stay tuned!