Apr 01

April is Autism Awareness Month

1 in 88.  That is the newest accepted figure for the number of children struggling with autism spectrum disorders.     Think about it, there are very few people who don’t know someone with a loved one affected, whether it is a friend, cousin,  co-worker’s kid or even your own child or grandchild.   For us at Mahoning Valley Awards it is very personal.   Our almost 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism right after her second birthday.  It affects not only her, but our whole family.   Her sister (only 11 months older than her) already defends her and steps up for her in public.  Up until about 2 months ago Lilly was non-verbal, and she only says a few words (understandable to only us and her teachers/therapists) now.  Her sister will tell people “Lilly doesn’t talk” when someone speaks to her in a store or at show we may be working at.

April is Autism awareness month, and we have designed some very neat, unique items to celebrate these truly wonderful people.   Our Lilly is the most loving child you will ever meet, and we want to encourage everyone to show their support for the things that make these individuals amazing.


Mahoning Valley Awards will donate 15% of profits from all autism awareness themed merchandise for the month of April to the Rich Center for Autism, a local center focused solely on treatment and support of autism spectrum disorders in our hometown.   They provide support and education to clients and family free of charge.


-Mahoning Valley Awards